FarEast 28R

Racing at its best, 500 boats sold worldwide and the class is now growing in the UK, with two more boats sold since the beginning of 2019. The FarEast28R is HP30 compliant and extremely quick. It has the potential to win the HP30 Class as demonstrated in 2022 at the HP30 Class nationals. This is uncomplicated, cost effective, high performance racing.

The Fareast 28R is a proven race winner and has beaten many bigger boats over the line in races throughout the world: Farr30s, Melges 32s, J-111s, J-120s, Beneteau 44.5s, Archambault 40s, Sydney 38s and MC-31s, are just a few (please contact us for race records).

The 28R is not purely designed for one design racing, she performs very well under handicap and sits comfortably within the parameters of the HP30 Class, so you don't have to wait for large fleets of boats to appear, in your area, before you can enjoy some great racing.

Easy to sail, handle and manage:
The FAREAST 28R is easy to sail fast due to the low wetted surface which hardly changes shape nor surface when the boat starts to heel. It offers very good control with the deep spade rudder and the high form stability of the hull. Deck layout is clean and straight forward, the very large cockpit makes it easy for the crew to handle the boat. For racing a crew of 4- 5 is ideal, however the simplicity of the 28R makes it possible to go out for a fun spin or twilight with as little as 3, even setting the kite in a stiff breeze won't be a problem.

ISAF approved One Design Class:
The Fareast 28R is an ISAF approved One-Design class and numbers are growing fast, 400 boats have been sold. We are also concentrating efforts to build the class in the UK.

Easy Trailability and simple lifting:

The keel is fully retractable and the boat sits nice and low on the custom made trailer, reassuring a comfortable and safe drive to events. The boat is ramp launchable and the mast deck stepped. The 28R is also an ideal boat for dry-sailing, as it has a single lifting point on the keel fin and the bulb takes up the boat in the hoist, reducing the workload of removing the keel-fin from the boat.

Construction and hardware:
Fareast has invested heavily in CNC machines, everything from moulds and plugs to foam and glass are now cut on high tech milling machines, routers, laser and water jet cutters. A huge 5 axis milling machine is used for manufacturing hull and deck moulds but also for milling and drilling deck hardware patterns. These modern production methods result in extreme high accuracy, further quality improvement and reduction of labour cost.

The Fareast 28R is constructed using a ISO polyester - foam core sandwich, resin is pre weight and vacuum infused. This advanced building technique guarantees a rigid, light and stiff construction. The one piece infused inner structure "the spine" takes up all the forces from the keel and rigging.

The Fareast 28R is very well equipped with the best hardware available from Harken, Spinlock and Selden for the rigging. No compromises have been made when it comes to quality.

Unbeatable price, low running cost:
The Fareast 28R offers great value for money. No more antifouling, high repair bills or expensive sails and high mooring fees. Literally owners can save thousands per year on campaign costs, compared to running bigger yachts, but with no less associated fun.

Multiple ownership?
Maybe not everybody's cup of tea but about half the 28R's we sell are owned by more than one owner. It not only cuts the cost in half but you straight away have 2 or more motivated crew members.

Yacht World tested the 28R and the test report can be found below under specifications. A test video from Yachting World can also be found under video & reviews.

Like to test the 28R yourself?
We offer test sails from Cowes.

Designer Simonis - Voogd
Length overall 9.07m
Length hull 8.55m
Length waterline 8.07m
Beam 2.75m
Draft 1.75m
Displacement 1360kg
Ballast 600kg
Mainsail area 26.00m2
Jib area 19.00m2
Asym. spinnaker area 80.00m2
CE Certification Class C