FAREAST RIB 580 is the best choice for judges, and has shown an outstanding performance at events throughout the world.

Compared with the 480 with 1 meter increase in length, FAREAST RIB 580 not only adds more space for loading, but also achieves the best balance between stability and manoeuvrability. The internal fuel tank, fits neatly between the floats providing additional stability for the boat. Even in strong conditions, the boat performs well achieving 24 knots boat speed with for or five crew onboard.

The 580 is an adaptable craft whether acting as a judging boat or rescue craft.

Package without engine £21,950 inc Vat. £27,950 inc Vat with engine.

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Length overall 5.8m
Length of the inner hull 4.75m
Beam 2.40m
Beam of the inner hull 1.40m
Diameter of the floating tank 0.52m
Volume of the float tank 2.078m3
Number of the floating tanks 5
Max load 950kg
Crew number 6
Weight of the engine 180kg
Weight unloaded 365kg
Engine number 1
Engine type(Optional) outboard
Material of the hull GRP+PVC/Hypalon