FAREAST RIB 480 is a cracking little boat for clubs, race teams and leisure pursuits. The boat shares a deep-vee hull form, with the larger 580 version which delivers a smooth, safe ride, even in extreme sea conditions. The boat is easy to drive and very simple to operate. Extraordinary performance makes a FAREAST RIB 480 the best choice for clubs and regattas to maintain the field and lay down marks.

Package without engine £17,950 inc Vat. £23,950 inc Vat with engine.

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Length overall 4.8m
Length of the inner hull 3.74m
Beam 2.10m
Beam of the inner hull 1.18m
Diameter of the floating tank 0.52m
Volume of the float tank 2.072m3
Number of the floating tanks 5
Max load 900kg
Crew number 7
Weight of the engine 125kg
Weight unloaded 220kg
Engine number 1
Engine type(Optional) outboard
Material of the hull GRP+PVC/Hypalon