The hull design for the SV14 is based on Far East Boats' proposal and the decades long research from Simonis Voogd Design combined with the extensive experience in yacht design and sailing gained over the last 35 years, delivering over 230 projects, which has resulted in many successful racing as well as production yachts around the world.

A modern looking, easy to handle, stable and safe boat which can be sailed by either one or two persons and which, above all is affordable.

This powerful hull shape is needed not only to enable speed but, more importantly, also to give maximum stability. Because of the limited mobility of the crew we need to make sure that the boat can sail as upright as possible. We do this in two ways. One is called form stability, having a wide boat gives us this, and the other through a low centre of gravity combined with a high ballast ratio (weight stability). This design has a keel with a low centre of gravity bulb at the bottom to maximize this. The result is a boat with a limit of positive stability close to 130 degrees. This means that the boat can capsize (90 degrees) and when pushed further down another 40 degrees it will still come back upright. We consider this vital for safety in the event that an unsuspected gust or wave hits and turns the boat over.

Another safety feature incorporated in this design is the six watertight compartments. Each combination of 2 compartments carries enough buoyancy to keep the boat afloat, which means you can have a breach comprising 2 compartments, and still be safe. These are very stringent safety requirements and not unlike those applied to the round the world racing yachts and although these small boats will never venture offshore, we still feel that one wants the peace of mind that we have made the design as safe as we possibly can.

Prices From £2,400

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